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It is absolutely shocking that it has been since the 10th of June that I have put up a post on social media about a nail in the burger at JR India & I have not heard from anyone in their head office. If I have heard from someone it is the local rep of the restaurant only trying to contact me through common contacts on facebook with an intent to get me to take the post OFF of facebook.

A contaminant causing a near fatality in my husband’s burger & this lax attitude towards it shows they have different standards of health sanitation & operations in India that they would have anywhere else. My friends & I have tweeted to them as well & NO response. What are they waiting for?

I have consulted American & Indian Councils for their perspective on this & I would like to give them this last chance to explain what has happened incase their social media is weak in communicating the same to them…(like yea..)

1. On the 10th of June, a group of us 7 of us dining at JR found a nail in the burger

2. I arrived at the restaurant late & when told this, asked the staff to show me & they advised they had THROWN IT AWAY

3. I asked for a record of the action & any pictures that were taken & freaked to near tears when I saw the size of the monstrosity which almost caused a fatality for my husband (picture attached)

4. Then I learnt the staff had made the food ‘free’ & asked us to not take any action, I was livid so the manager Rohit got on call & offered a feeble ‘Sorry’

DO they think their measly free food is compensation for a near fatality God forbid?

On social media people have commented on my post complaining of worms in the salad, serious week long severe stomach infections because of the bbq chicken wings and now this..?

Are they expecting us to take this lightly just because they are operating in a country foreign to the US & that we wont bother reporting or care about this?

How dare this be treated so lightly???

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